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In spite of the fact that every individual might not enjoy its taste, Kimchi nevertheless happens to be a fantastic recipe. However, most folks who like hot and spicy food are going to appreciate it! It is interesting to know that the making of Kimchi, which is actually a staple food item in Korea, goes back to the 3rd century! It seems really incredible how nicely they have managed to preserve this conventional recipe! Since they are already making Kimchi for ages they must have become specialists by now!

How Long Does Kimchi Last

Although a lot of modifications have been made, the most in-demand Kimchi happens to be none other than the Nappa cabbage Kimchi. To expand your knowledge regarding Kimchi, let’s make an attempt to answer one important query that might be lurking in your mind: “How long does Kimchi last?”

Not all individuals have the identical view regarding the shelf life of Kimchi. The best indicator will be to look at the date on the container.

Chemical preservatives are usually used in commercial Kimchi for extending its life expectancy. Most of these will be able to last for quite a few months up to a couple of years, especially the homemade ones that can easily last for a few weeks to several months. Kimchi will go on fermenting even after several months, altering its flavor as time passes. You probably need to throw away the stuff after about 4 months In case you don’t enjoy the taste of over-fermented Kimchi. However, some folks also savor their Kimchi while it matures.

Here we would like to mention that Kimchi is going to last much longer in the fridge. Specialized refrigerators devoted exclusively for Kimchi are used by lots of Koreans at present.

The process of fermentation will be slowed down significantly by low temperature which enables Kimchi to preserve its textures and flavors for a longer time. Alternatively, the fermentation procedure will accelerate in case Kimchi is stored at normal room temperature.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that Kimchi will no more be safe for consumption once you observe any smelly fizz or even molds. Now it is time for you to dispose of your old Kimchi and go for a fresh one.

How do you store Kimchi?

How do you store Kimchi

You can go the conventional way in case you own a large backyard! Typically, during wintertime, Koreans store Kimchi in earthen jars and bury it under the ground. The Kimchi’s saltiness plus the heat of the ground will prevent it from getting frozen! However, this method might not be useful in case you are preparing several pounds only.

Smaller sized earthenware jar or any waterproof container can also be used. Making use of glass jars will also be a smart idea. After a couple of days of fermenting the stuff at normal room temperature, it will start smelling sour. The Kimchi must be put in the fridge to prevent it from fermenting. It is going to ferment quicker in case you do leave it for an extended period of time at room temperature, and you might end up with excessively bitter Kimchi.

Apart from being employed as a condiment or pickle, Kimchi is also used as a tasty ingredient in quite a few recipes. One gratifying example is the Kimchi soup which is also known as Jigae.

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