Top 4 Most Popular Counter Depth Fridges For Keeping The Food Fresh

You need to take into account quite a few things in case you are searching for the best counter depth refrigerator 2018. First of all, make sure to measure your kitchen properly so that your new refrigerator is able to fit in the required space. It would also be a smart idea to figure out the height of the fridge in case there are overhanging cabinets since it will help to ensure that the unit is not too much tall for the kitchen.

best Counter Depth Refrigerator 2017

The fridge should also pass properly through the doorway as well. It is quite surprising that in some cases individuals are required to remove a door in their residence and sometimes even the frame in order to get the refrigerator inside. Planning beforehand is essential in this situation. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 4 counter depth freezers out there which will help you to pick your preferred fridge without any difficulty at all.

1. Liebherr CS1200

Liebherr CS1200

This amazing small-sized counter depth refrigerator will provide you with plenty of storage area along with an innovative duo cooling system which will improve the overall performance of both the freezer as well as the refrigerator significantly. This will help to extend the shelf life of the food items within the fridge which will ensure sound health for the family members.

The Liebherr CS1200 can also boast of a total capacity of 11.6 cubic feet which includes glass-like storage rack along with dividers as well as fantastic temperature control. This unit is appropriate for any family, particularly a small one.

2. Bosch 500 Series B11CB50SSS

Bosch 500 Series B11CB50SSS

This counter depth refrigerator by Bosch has become immensely popular across the world at present. It includes lots of useful features that any householder will be proud to have in their kitchen. Firstly, it is ideal for any small sized kitchen. It most of the urban cities, the apartments are not very big and therefore it is imperative that the refrigerator fits properly inside the kitchen which is also expected to be small. The B11CB50SSS furthermore helps to manage energy successfully.

Because of the revolutionary Energy Star technology, it is able to do this job flawlessly. Moreover, this fridge is also reputed for its overall superb performance. It is able to control temperature efficiently and thus it helps to keep the food items fresh and healthy. Apart from these, you will also come across a wine rack which will come of use in case you happen to be a wine lover. However, there is one particular drawback with this machine – you will not find plenty of bins in the door.

3. LG LMXC23746S


Now we will be reviewing a counter depth refrigerator featuring an innovative French-door option. Apart from having all the features of a typical counter depth fridge, it also comes with a fantastic design which will definitely impress lots of users. Moreover, the LG LMXC23746S helps to keep the food fresh all the time. We must convey our gratitude to the company for making this breathtaking unit. The exclusive Fresh Air Filter helps to keep the air within the fridge free from any harmful bacteria. This will be essential to maintain the freshness of the food items. Because of the breathtaking SmartDiagnosis app which is offered by LG, you will be able to diagnose as well as identify any error that might appear with your fridge either sooner or later.

Moreover, the Smart Cooling Plus technology helps to control humidity and temperature efficiently. The only disadvantage that you might experience while using the LMXC23746S is that it is a bit expensive as compared to other similar products on the market.



The cutting-edge GE PZS25KSESS is going to be ideal for you in case you are searching for a side-by-side version. It includes some fantastic useful features which can make any householder proud.

Firstly, we need to mention the breathtaking Temperature Accuracy feature which helps the fridge to regulate temperature impeccably. There is also the Smart Interior Organization which will enable the user to store lots of items without much trouble inside the fridge. Since the bins in the door are quite big, it is possible to store even large items. The one drawback which you might encounter with this particular fridge is that it is required to clean the unit quite frequently so that it looks attractive and spotless.

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