It's time for a change...

Since 1959, the liberal democrats have held the majority in both the Massachusetts State House and Senate, making Bay Staters the guinea pigs for the liberals’ failed political experiments.  

One proof of these failures is our dwindling representation at the federal level, having gone from 12 Congressional seats down to just 9 after the last census.


Simply, if the democrats’ ideas were so good, people and business should be flocking to 
Massachusetts, but they're not; they're being driven out. Political outsider Mark Fisher has seen this firsthand when four of his previous employers moved out of state and one closed permanently. Now, as an employer himself, Mark has had to adjust to the loss of one customer, who just moved out of state.


Rep. Ruth Balser, a Newton Democrat, recently said welfare’s problem stems from “horrendous poverty” in the Commonwealth, but no one asks the question of who created this horrendous poverty?  Our liberal friends say they can solve the problems but won’t admit to having created them.
Democrats have made it so enticing to be on welfare that they have discouraged many people from wanting to get a job. In Massachusetts you can receive upwards of $42,515 on welfare assistance programs, the equivalent to $50,54o in wages or just over $24 an hour. 
Progressives and liberals think the status quo in our welfare system is just fine as well. The SNAP (Food Stamp) program in








Massachusetts had fewer than 450,000 recipients in 2006 and now, 7 years under Governor Patrick, it has gone up by 100% to over 900,000! The cost of this program has also nearly tripled during this time ($485 million to $1.29 billion).

Mark understands the need for transitional assistance. He has been unemployed 5 times. However, transitional assistance should mean helping people from unemployment to work. It shouldn't mean ensuring that welfare is handed on from generation to generation.

We need to ask ourselves, what are we doing to those we seek to help?
Under the last 54 years of democrat policies, the needs have grown greater year after year, and the legislature wants more money as
as the costs of the programs go up.  

The only way Democrats can keep this pattern of perpetual poverty is to increase taxes forever.  For example, the current 'gas tax' is tied to inflation, guaranteeing increasing taxes 'forever'. Mark Fisher worked to help stop the automatic gas tax  

because it creates economic uncertainty which negatively impacts job creation and business expansion. In fact, Mark Fisher has signed the ‘no tax’ pledge from the Americans for Tax Reform, because increasing taxes hurt both those with jobs as well as the unemployed. 

Mark Fisher
will make
'illegal immigration' 
The last independent audit in 2010 found 190,000 illegals living in the Sanctuary State of Massachusetts costing taxpayers over $1.8 billion annually and taking jobs away from Massachusetts’ workers. There is more money given to illegal immigrants in Massachusetts than all other New England states combined. 

Enforcing immigration laws and ending entitlements to illegals will turn off the magnet and save over $1 billion annually in local aid.

"If we cannot trust our Government to keep its promises, we can't talk about anything else!"

Mark Fisher will restore integrity in our Government by keeping promises that have been broken again and again.

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