Top 4 Most Popular Counter Depth Fridges For Keeping The Food Fresh

You need to take into account quite a few things in case you are searching for the best counter depth refrigerator 2018. First of all, make sure to measure your kitchen properly so that your new refrigerator is able to fit in the required space. It would also be a smart idea to figure out the height of the fridge in case there are overhanging cabinets since it will help to ensure that the unit is not too much tall for the kitchen.

best Counter Depth Refrigerator 2017

The fridge should also pass properly through the doorway as well. It is quite surprising that in some cases individuals are required to remove a door in their residence and sometimes even the frame in order to get the refrigerator inside. Planning beforehand is essential in this situation. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 4 counter depth freezers out there which will help you to pick your preferred fridge without any difficulty at all. Read More

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Under $100

Nothing is better than a refreshing cup of hot coffee early in the morning. In fact, coffee happens to be the second most well-liked beverage on the planet next to drinking water. In case the query arises in your mind whether you will be able to purchase the best coffee maker for less than $100, the answer is that you can’t.

However, it is feasible to come across a decent one that should serve the purpose. As a matter of fact, it is imperative for every single household to own a top quality coffee maker particularly if the family members happen to be coffee buffs. A coffee maker is going to offer you plenty of benefits including saving your time as well as money that you would have otherwise invested in coffee shops.

On top of this, you would have the opportunity to savor delicious coffee whenever you wish without needing to leave your abode. In this article, we will mention comprehensive single cup coffee maker reviews under $100.

1. Keurig K45 Elite System – $99

Keurig K45 Elite System

The amazing Keurig K45 Elite will be the single-cup coffee maker which you ought to go for in case you want to relish fresh and rich coffee on a regular basis. These are available in as many as 3 sizes: small, medium and big. An innovative Quiet Brew technology is offered by this incredible device which allows a smooth as well as noise-free operation.

Outstanding features such as an innovative carbon filter, automated power switch off after a specific period of time plus detachable drip tray have helped immensely to make this machine extremely popular at present. Read More

Best Juicers Under $100 In The Market

There is hardly any individual on the planet that does not enjoy drinking fresh fruit juice. Consequently, it is imperative for any householder to own a decent juicer at present. You will come across a plethora of inexpensive juicers on the market that will provide you with delicious juice anytime you want.

best juicers under $100 in the market

Almost all the juicers under $100 happen to be centrifugal ones that are capable of processing other beverages too apart from fruit juices. They typically function by using blades for grating up the food till it turns into pulp and then it is spun very fast. The food is pushed against a screen by the centrifugal forces that help to filter the fluids from the pulp. You can also go with the best masticating juicer 2018 in case you would like to get juice from a wide variety of food items apart from veggies and fruits; however, they are going to cost in excess of $100.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on the 2 most well-liked juicers out there under $100.

1. The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain


  • Heavy duty
  • Small in size
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • 700-watt engine
  • Dimension of 9.6 x 8.9 x 16 inches
  • Micro-mesh stainless steel filter
  • Includes a cleaning brush

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How To Make Soup Less Salty: 5 Simple Ways

One of the most typical disasters that we have to face in the kitchen at present is burned food items as well as beverages like coffee drinks. But what can you do in case your soup becomes too much salty? Perhaps the lid of the salt container accidentally popped open while pouring salt or maybe you have added salt twice by mistake. How to successfully fix the problem on your own?

Fortunately, you will come across a plethora of ways by which you will be able to make the broth less salty. In this article, we are going to focus on just that.

how to make soup less salty

1. Make the Solution Dilute

You can easily reduce the amount of salt in the broth by adding some water to it. For example, suppose you have prepared mixed vegetable soup and have ended up adding too much salt. All you need will be to add some cold water and then bring the soup back to a simmer. Also, other ingredients can be added in order to retain the flavor.

2. Counterbalance the Saltiness

You will get effective results by using various items such as lemon juice, vinegar as well as anything which is acidic. You simply need a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice to cover the salty taste of the soup. White wine vinegar is recommended to use; but they must be used in moderate amounts since otherwise, you will end up having something excessively sour or salty. One teaspoon of vinegar can also be included to neutralize the salty flavor of the broth. Go on stirring in sugar till the saltiness gradually fades away. Read More

How Long Does Kimchi Last – Korean Food Tips

In spite of the fact that every individual might not enjoy its taste, Kimchi nevertheless happens to be a fantastic recipe. However, most folks who like hot and spicy food are going to appreciate it! It is interesting to know that the making of Kimchi, which is actually a staple food item in Korea, goes back to the 3rd century! It seems really incredible how nicely they have managed to preserve this conventional recipe! Since they are already making Kimchi for ages they must have become specialists by now!

How Long Does Kimchi Last

Although a lot of modifications have been made, the most in-demand Kimchi happens to be none other than the Nappa cabbage Kimchi. To expand your knowledge regarding Kimchi, let’s make an attempt to answer one important query that might be lurking in your mind: “How long does Kimchi last?”

Not all individuals have the identical view regarding the shelf life of Kimchi. The best indicator will be to look at the date on the container.

Chemical preservatives are usually used in commercial Kimchi for extending its life expectancy. Most of these will be able to last for quite a few months up to a couple of years, especially the homemade ones that can easily last for a few weeks to several months. Kimchi will go on fermenting even after several months, altering its flavor as time passes. You probably need to throw away the stuff after about 4 months In case you don’t enjoy the taste of over-fermented Kimchi. However, some folks also savor their Kimchi while it matures.

Here we would like to mention that Kimchi is going to last much longer in the fridge. Specialized refrigerators devoted exclusively for Kimchi are used by lots of Koreans at present.

The process of fermentation will be slowed down significantly by low temperature which enables Kimchi to preserve its textures and flavors for a longer time. Alternatively, the fermentation procedure will accelerate in case Kimchi is stored at normal room temperature.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that Kimchi will no more be safe for consumption once you observe any smelly fizz or even molds. Now it is time for you to dispose of your old Kimchi and go for a fresh one. Read More